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The wreck of the Nordby

Experience: Level 1
Itinerary:    Less than 10 minutes
Type of diving: Lagoon
Max Depth: 29 meters

A three-masted 100 year old wreck sank the 25th august 1900 just in front of the hawaiki nui Hotel and the pass of teavapiti. The wreck is about 50 meters long and 10 meters wide. The only thing that disapeared was the mast of artimon made of wood. The deck is widely openned which allows to enter and go out of the wreck at any time.
The fixed fauna predominates: “spongiaires”, “spondyles”, black coral are some of the species that “concrétionnent” the wreck. You can also see shrimps, “pterois” and “nudibranches”. In deep sea, fishes like “cochers”, loches, saumonées gros chirurgiens are the hosts of the place.

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